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How Our Process Works

Your first point of contact at Teneo Translations will be with one of our dedicated project managers. After an initial discussion to gain a deep understanding of what is required (and expected) from the translation process, including the target audience, the reaction needed and budgetary parameters; our PM will go to our extensive database of over 1000 linguists to assign to you the translator specifically equipped to fulfil your needs. This will be based on language pairing and sector expertise.

Once we have established the best person for the task, we will agree the budget with you and the timelines for completion. We will confirm the project once we have your final approval.

Unless requested otherwise, each translator’s work will also be proofread by an equivalent peer before final sign-off. We believe that the proofreading stage is an important component in producing an effective translation. That is, a translation that successfully imparts the required information to the target audience, whilst maintaining any cultural differences.

Depending on the timelines available for the translation project, large documents can be split up between several qualified translators and all involved in the project will be sensitive to the time constraints you may have.

Our project manager ensures timely delivery, oversees the editing process, guarantees confidentiality, keeps the clients up to date and coordinates the final formatting and quality control; all within the parameters of your particular budget.


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