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Transcription is the process of converting speech from an audio or video source into a written or electronic text document. The cost of the project will therefore depend on two things: the length of time of the source and the quality of the recording (unfortunately, if the recording is of poor quality, the transcriber will take longer to understand the meaning of the piece and transcription costs are based on time). This is mitigated to some extent by having transcribers on the team who are very well experienced in a particular sector.

Transcription Variations

There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. This can consist of a basic Same Language Transcription, which transcribes the source information only into text.
We are also able to supply a Standard Translated Transcription. This service consists of translating and transcribing from the source in only one step. However, this can be a slow and laborious process.

Alternatively, and the method which will yield the best results if a translated transcription is what you’re after; we can have the source transcribed in the original language and then translated as a separate step. This will increase time and cost but will also give a better end result. We also offer the following transcription services, which we can provide guidance on if this is your first transcription request:

  • Verbatim
  • Technical
  • Revised Summary
  • Script Style
  • Multiple Speakers


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