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Teneo Translations are able to offer a wide range of different options for your subtitling project which will suit your budget and the requirements for the finished item. We are able to subtitle any video format from corporate presentations to promotional videos and short films. Recent examples that we have completed include a training video which needed to be transcribed, translated and then subtitled into over 20 languages. This project included a number of conversations with our client to ensure adherence to the company’s intent. We view this part of the process as vital to ensuring that the original message is communicated as effectively as possible.

Our clients are from a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, finance, education, health and safety and staff training. The important common factor in all these sectors is that the core message needs to be communicated effectively and efficiently.

Subtitling Formats

We are able to handle every subtitling file format and every type of content. We have a global network of specialist subtitle translators who enable us to work in all the languages we cover.The ability to translate well for subtitling is not a universal skill. The linguist has to be able to keep their translation accurate to the source text but restrict the numbers of characters used. This constraint varies from language to language but is a key consideration to the finished piece.

Our multimedia team work across a wide range of specifications taking your original material and converting to a localized version, ready to publish. If you don’t have a transcript, our team of audio transcriptionists can create one for you.


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