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All our translations are proofread by the linguist who provided the original copy. However, as anyone who has ever produced a document will know, a piece of work will always benefit from scrutiny from a second party. Therefore, we offer an additional step in your translation process, that of a proofreading by a second, completely independent linguist. Like the original linguist, they will be mother tongue translators, and equally well qualified and experienced. Consequently, you can be assured that they have an in-depth knowledge of what is required from the translation process and are able to confirm the quality of the final document. This check will involve matching the translation to the meaning of the source text; ensuring that any specialist terminology is accurately translated.

Proofreading Checks

The proofreaders will check the translated material to correct any errors in grammar and spelling. In addition, they will also review the text to ensure complete adherence to the brief. This point is the critical one in the process as it ensures that the translation is kept true to the original source text but reads fluently in the target language.

Secondary proofreading will bring additional peace of mind in any situation where the final translation is to be published… Or impacts on anyone’s career prospects…


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