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Legal Translation

Translation is the process of changing your communications from one language into another, whilst maintaining your original meaning. Simple. Or at least it should be. This is even more important where a legal translation is required. In order to ensure you achieve the best results from the legal translation process, we will discuss your message and audience with you, so that we understand both. Only once we are satisfied that we know what impact you want from your translation, will we launch your project.

Our standard service covers a translation process controlled by our own project management software. This process conforms to BS EN ISO 17100:2015, in that it covers pre and post translation communication with your project manager; including feedback on results. If there is a need to further refine the translation after our first and second linguists have applied their expertise, then we will amend it according to your requirements. For legal translations, we are able to offer Sworn translations in the countries where such a system exists.

Whichever level of service you require, we are available 24 hours a day to ensure that your message gets across to your target audience. Our translation services, based in the UK and close to London, are tailored to your audience and budgetary requirements.

The implications of poor translation cannot be overstated, when it comes to legal matters. Whether criminal or company law, poorly translated documents or interpreted statements lead to repercussions for business and individual credibility, reputation, finance and even individual freedom.

Our legal translators possess the experience and confidence to understand not only literal meanings, but crucially the nuance, cultural context and spirit of what are expressed. It comes from having a deep knowledge of the cultures involved, and an awareness of what it takes to communicate effectively when two or more cultures and legal systems interact.

A failure to translate correctly in the general business world creates a perception of lack of professionalism, but errors take on another level of consequence within the legal arena.

Legal Translation Experts

The challenges associated with translation in this sector are myriad. As well as the given essentials of linguistic and cultural acumen the translator must also:

  • be well versed, or indeed fully integrated in the legal sector itself
  • have a keen understanding of the intricacies associated with the various aspects of the legal systems of more than one country
  • have an ability to bridge the gap, or explain the complexities that occur when systems overlap

Our people have a thorough knowledge of the legal nomenclature, associated with more than one legal system. They are comfortable with particular linguistic intricacies, such as languages which contain words or phrases that have two, three or even more meanings. They have the competency to relate the nuances of a contract and the possible interpretations that may be given to its individual clauses.

Our legal translation team articulate legal concepts precisely to have the same legal effects as their source equivalents and are articulate in providing explanations where legal systems fail to meet.

Speed of Turnaround

No less significant is the challenge our legal translators persistently face in this sector of being able to meet strict deadlines without sacrificing the quality of the end product.
This is a competency we value highly at Teneo Translations; particularly as legalese usually requires more time than regular translations due to their nature and the need to verify legal subtleties.

That craft and speed of turnaround must be coupled with a mindfulness towards accuracy in grammar and punctuation, a given in any translation business, but even more acutely essential in a legal capacity.

Our legal translators are carefully chosen and tested for linguistic and legal subject matter proficiency. The majority of our personnel have linguistics and legal degrees and/ or comprehensive, quantifiable experience within definitive legal specialities.

They are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreements.

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