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Thanks to globalisation, the international character of the typical 21st century office is commonplace.

While keen to demonstrate adherence to all health and safety, compliance and ethics documentation associated with a well-run workforce, businesses aren’t always so mindful of the need for procedures and policies to be translated for their multinational staff.

It can be a costly oversight, whether your employees are drawn from different countries or the business itself crosses national boundaries.
Teneo Translations helps companies eliminate the linguistic and social barriers that could blight your relationships with the lifeblood of your organisation – your people.

Liability Associated with Poor-Quality HR Documentation

Our translators have peerless experience in the field of human resources compliance. We understand the need to provide contextual, rather than literal translations to concepts that, if unappreciated, could see the unwitting employer held liable for failing to communicate effectively and unambiguously with staff members.

Concepts such as diversity, holiday allowance or affirmative action are unremarkable features for some cultures yet what constitutes good practice in a home market may be subtly yet crucially different, non-existent, or even offensive in another state.

From Small to Grand Scale in Scope

Whether it’s employment contracts, emails, policy updates or indeed any important company announcements, we have translators with the acumen to ensure HR compliance is one less issue for your business to worry about.

Teneo Translations is versatile enough to scale up from delivering a single aspect of your HR documentation to project managing the translation of your entire global corporate compliance and ethics programme.

Our HR specialist translators and interpreters are adept in training new staff to understand your company’s culture and processes. From codes of conduct, anti-bribery or anti-corruption policies to employment contracts, all of the material is presented to the employee in their own language, in the spirit and letter originally intended.


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