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Teneo Translations – Who we are:

Translation SolutionsTeneo Translations UK is a Language Service Provider with a difference. Whilst we provide all the services you would expect: Translations (over 150 different language combinations), Proofreading, Interpreting, Transcreation and Transcription – we do it better. We will ensure that your messages are communicated effectively and we will guarantee the results. You and your audience will be happy with the work we do for you; every time.

We are accredited to ISO 17100, which is a new Quality Assurance system, specifically developed for the translation sector. As a result, we deliver a consistently high quality service for all our clients across every sector.

Professional Translation Solutions

We recognise that the most important people in the translation process are our clients. At Teneo, we believe they should be at the heart of everything we do. As a result, all our processes are geared around gaining an in-depth understanding of what is to be achieved from the translation or transcreation. Only once we have this clear understanding, do we then go to our extensive network of linguists to select the best person for the job.

The high quality of our linguists is one of the factors which sets us apart from our competitors. At Teneo translations, we are rigorous in our selection process so that we (and our clients) can be confident that only highly qualified and experienced people will be working on their translations. Our linguists are selected based on the criteria set out in ISO 17100. The standard requires that translators must have at least one of the following three requirements:

  • Advanced translation studies (which must be a recognised qualification)
  • An equivalent qualification in another specialisation plus a minimum of two years documented experience in translation.
  • At least five years of documented professional experience in translation.

In addition to this, we check our linguists for specialist knowledge and filter our database accordingly. Therefore, you can be sure that any industry-specific terminology is translated accurately.


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